Sweetheart Sale Event 2016


Get great tech gifts they’ll love this week with our Sweetheart Sale Event! Hope you had a great time on the weekend with your special someone.


Click the above image for the 1920x1080 version

Click the above image for the 1920×1080 version

This banner was an update of a previous Valentine’s Day Sale. Instead of two cupid PCs, I added in cupid hamsters. Also, Steve had asked for sharper text without a gradient so I went with a flat red colour. Normally, I put a free shipping tagline on the top but in the newsletter we mention free shipping right below the banner and I’ve been trying to create a different tagline for those versions.

Sweetheart2016-160w Sweetheart2016-400w Sweetheart2016-645w

Click the images below for the Canadian and US newsletters:
CA-Sweetheart2016-newsComplete US-Sweetheart-newsComplete

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