Leap into Savings Event


A once-every-four-years occurence, it’s leap year savings with our Leap into Savings Event!

Click the above image for the 1920x1080 version

Click the above image for the 1920×1080 version

A mistake I had done with this banner was start with an old file that was about half the size that I usually use, making my brush twice as big. I had thought, “why does that orange coat character look like my old drawings?” and the reason was the thicker brush stroke. The ninja turned out pretty well though!

Also, I had drafted a version of characters leaping on the Earth to push it back a bit from orbiting the sun that 1/4 day a year difference to prevent the leap year. However, when I showed it to Brian, he thought it was a banner for Earth Day. After thinking about it and from my wife’s suggestion, I went with a calendar instead of the Earth. Saving the other idea for Earth Day now!

LeapYear2016-600w LeapYear2016-160w


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.20.36 PM

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