May Loooong Weekend Sale 2016


Get ready for the May long weekend with great savings this week!


This long weekend, I took our theme of the long weekend road trip and added a hammock between that and the trailer. I thought I would throw in some terrain in the background and instead of the usual mountain goat, I added in a big horn sheep instead. After looking at them, I found they have bug eyes that bulge on the outside. The hardest part of this banner was drawing the guy on the hammock. Looking at it now, I should have had him weighing down the hammock even more.

VictoriaLongWeekend2016-400w VictoriaLongWeekend2016-160w VictoriaLongWeekend2016-240w

Click the above image for the desktop version

Click the above image for the desktop version

In the US, we did “Slam Dunk Savings” this week because their long weekend is the following one. Click the images below for screenshots of the Canadian and US newsletters:
CA-Long-Weekend-eblast US-slamdunk-eblast

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