Go-for-Gold Sale Event (2016)


During the summer, it was time to Go-for-Gold! In this banner, I tried to keep things simpler by drawing only a few characters and using a simple background along with an image of a gold medal.

However, the characters ending up being more complicated than I thought, perhaps because most of them were connected to each other in some way. With this banner, I was taking a drawing course and it suggested drawing the sketch version multiple times to improve on the characters. I normally do something similar with a pencil sketch to a digital sketch to the final version but with this one, I drew a few more digital versions. In the end, I wish the weight/notebook lifter’s head looked more 3D still.

Click the above image for the desktop version

Click the above image for the desktop version

go-for-gold2016-400w go-for-gold2016-240w



Here’s a screenshot of the Canadian newsletter:

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