Spooktacular Sale Event (2016)


Deals so low, they’re scary in our Spooktacular Sale Event. This sale was the coloured in version of last year’s banner, which worked out well for time. I did have to add in a few new things and improved what I could see needed tweaking such as Death behind the tree. Maybe next year’s will be animated?

Here’s last year’s to compare:

Click the above image for the 1920x1080 desktop version

Click the above image for the 1920×1080 desktop version

I ended up doing a tutorial for the lights on the truck to try and get them right. With the colouring, I tried to base them off of old Scooby Doo cartoons, a fitting style for Halloween. If there was an old man in the banners normally, he would surely turn out to be in the Death costume or the monster on top of the truck.


spooktacular2016-240w spooktacular2016-160w


Click the images below for screenshots of the Canadian and US newsletters:

ca-spooktacular-eblast us-spooktacular-eblast

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