Jan 30
Super Sale
icon1 Tom | icon2 2008 | icon4 01 30th, 2008| icon3Comments Off on Super Sale

Are you crazy for NCIX deals like these fans?

Jan 23
All Star Savings
icon1 Tom | icon2 2008 | icon4 01 23rd, 2008| icon3Comments Off on All Star Savings

Not too many events happen after Christmas but fortunately, the NHL All Star game is tucked in there for a sale banner theme idea. I used silhouettes for the players instead of filling in the details so people could visualize their favorite super stars.

Jan 16
January Clearance Sale
icon1 Tom | icon2 2008 | icon4 01 16th, 2008| icon3Comments Off on January Clearance Sale

After being given the theme “January Clearance Sale,” I went with a clearance theme…over a Roadrunner-esque canyon. Regrettably, I used a catapult instead of a trebuchet for direct shipping.

Click for a more detailed flash version.

Jan 2
New Year’s Sale [2008]
icon1 Tom | icon2 2008 | icon4 01 2nd, 2008| icon3Comments Off on New Year’s Sale [2008]

Click above for an animated version of the sale banner.