Feb 27
Peak Savings
icon1 Tom | icon2 2008 | icon4 02 27th, 2008| icon3Comments Off on Peak Savings

With Peak Savings, I didn’t quite turn the coffee drinker towards the camera enough and the result was a critical response of “Peek Savings.” Lesson learned.

Click for the flash version with an Easter Egg.

Feb 20
Fantastic February Sale
icon1 Tom | icon2 2008 | icon4 02 20th, 2008| icon3Comments Off on Fantastic February Sale

We went with a comic book theme for this banner. Instead of the regular ad on the wide banner, we tried a page flipping effect to go along with the comic.

Feb 13
NCIX’s Customer Appreciation Sale
icon1 Tom | icon2 2008 | icon4 02 13th, 2008| icon3Comments Off on NCIX’s Customer Appreciation Sale

Although our Valentine’s Day happened during our Customer Appreciation Sale, we held back from saying “We wuv you,” but it was close.

Feb 6
Lunar New Year Sale
icon1 Tom | icon2 2008, Games | icon4 02 6th, 2008| icon3Comments Off on Lunar New Year Sale

The Lunar New Year Sale also included a game in the sale banner. Land on the pad before you run out of fuel. Collect cheese for more fuel but avoid those rolling asteroids!

Click for the flash version with the game.