Mar 26
March of the Savings
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A limitation of the Flash banners is that I have to keep considerate of CPU cycles, with a target of using a maximum 10 to 15% of the CPU . Usually transparencies or a large number of moving objects are the worst offenders for this. To get around that in this banner, I had flash check the framerate every second and then adjust the rate that soldiers were generated accordingly. Also, each soldier is randomly assembled from different arms, weapons and heads.

here for the flash version

Mar 19
Easter Sale 2008
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Decided to keep this sale banner simple and focused on the egg rolling animation instead.

Click here for the more detailed flash version.

Click here for the more detailed flash version

Mar 12
St. Patrick’s Sale 2008
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Confounded with the choice between stepping out of first place in line at NCIX or being caught and losing his pot of gold, the Leprechaun choice NCIX. Perhaps he already used a good chunk of his gold during the previous week’s sale.

Mar 5
Triple Stacked Savings [The Game]
icon1 Tom | icon2 2008, Games | icon4 03 5th, 2008| icon3Comments Off on Triple Stacked Savings [The Game]

Out of all the sale banners, this one took the longest. Triple Stacked Savings contained the most complete game in an NCIX sale banner to date and was an original idea too, as far as original puzzle game ideas go. Slide and drop blocks to create rows or columns of three or more of the same colour and don’t let the blocks reach the top of the screen or it’s game over! My high-score was around 50,000 but one person from the forums claimed to have reached over 100,000.

Click for the Flash version with the game.

Unfortunately, I found out during the sale banner week that the game is that it isn’t colour blind friendly. The next version will feature blocks with different shapes.